A step closer.

Today – Sunday 3rd February – I moved another step closer to realising my first ever film; auditions. Having posted an ad on an industry website a fortnight ago, the fruits of my labour were realised today as around fifteen young actors enthusiastically arrived periodically to read and act my own words to me.
   Today was the first time I had ever heard my work read out loud. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was not crap! Aside from a few pacing problems, it read and flowed really well. It helped that, for the most part, the actors came ready to perform and – luckily I am led to believe – took direction well.
Initially I had been quite nervous about the auditions, but the whole thing turned out to be quite enjoyable. I just have to pick the two actors from the quite impressive lot I saw today! Ah well, better too many than too few. Another step closer.

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