Done it!

And so it ended. I finally finished my film and it was a brilliant experience! You can see the film here.
On a very sunny Saturday in April, four strangers – the actors, a sound man and a cameraman, descended on my homestead. We – well I had anyway – planned to start at nine o’clock, under pressure to get the film shot because, for various reasons, I only had the one day to get it done.
One needs to understand, this was my first foray into directing and I was working with people I do not know. Having said that, I enjoyed the whole experience immensely. Everything I wanted to do in the film, I did. And I learned a great deal; about directing, coverage, lighting and shot composition.
The set was a happy one, with the shoot speeding by. I was extremely lucky to have a highly experienced and competent cameraman on set. He was kind enough to guide me through my ignorance when it came to certain things; camera ready, clapperboard and lighting.
It also helped with my editing practice – FCP X for those that are interested – using the latest, industry dividing, editing software from Apple! Sound was interesting as well, especially the last scene. Overall, though the film was by no means a masterpiece, I was happy to get it done and realise that I could actually do it. Now if I could just stop procrastinating, I could get my next film made!

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