Must try to get here more often….

Hi occasional perusers of my witterings, I am thinking that I need to get back to my blogging ways, if for no other reason only than to empty my head! Though this will not be the soul searching kind of blatherings of my youth, I will no doubt whine, gripe, grumble, pontificate and babble about all things film, filmmaking and film/tv production related.
So, enough of my meandering intro, what film/tv gem of subject matter do I have to share today? As well you may ask! I only happened to purchase a ticket to the London Breakfast club talk featuring Jane Espenson (Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Battlestar Galactica) and Brad Bell (Husbands)! In a room full of would-be scribes and fanboys/girls, we sat rapt for over an hour as they spoke about some of the challenges faced in producing their joint venture ‘Husbands’. Rather than take notes – I am no secretary! – I recorded the audio which you can listen to here. Hope you enjoy it! (apologies for the crackly opening, was recording it on my mobile…)

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