Thank you ladies, thank you.

Only two weeks into my weekly review of random short films and I’m already thinking of branching out! This week I am reviewing/highlighting a YouTube video. Yes, I realise that technically most short films would also fall into this category, but this is not a short film. Nor is it – you’ll be happy to know – an “entertaining” funny vid. My review today is for an interview by THR (The Hollywood Reporter) of actresses. The round table – as they call it – had Oprah Winfrey(The Butler), Amy Adams(American Hustle), Octavia Spencer(The Help), Julia Roberts(Osage County), Emma Thompson(Saving Mr Banks) and Lupita Nyong’o(12 Years A Slave).
Though the gathering is set up as an interview and there are questions asked by the interviewers, mostly it is just these amazing actresses discussing their craft and eventually asking their own questions of one another. The other lovely thing is the obvious respect they had for each other, most having enjoyed the works of their peers over the years. Beside an interest in film and the celebrity persona, the lesson of watching this interview for any aspiring screenwriter, director, actor or actress is the insight into how much work being an actor/actress is. The perspective these actresses have on their careers; the roles they choose, the approach, the hurdles, the sacrifice, really show that this is a profession for those who love it. You cannot just like it and be a working actor or actress. This is a profession, an environment, for the committed only. Of course there is the odd person who gets ‘lucky’, but for the people who have careers, bodies of work, ‘lucky’ is not going to cut it.
The emotion and energy these ladies invest in their roles and then, as one forgets, the promotional work that follows taking a role, a film, literally takes over their lives for a period. The fact that they come over as levelled headed and humble and appreciate where they are and what it took to get them there, is a testament to their commitment, talent and courage. If you have any interest in film, watching this interview will open your eyes.

watch it here –

And because it is brilliant, inventive, and I wish I had written it!(Also feeling a little guilty for not actually reviewing a short!) Cat Jones ‘Flea’ – watch it. You’ll thank me.

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