Interesting all at the Ball

‘A red ball bounces past a cafe and a couple folks’ houses and then goes to the beach.’ As descriptions of a film go, this probably is one of the least accurate and least likely to make you stop and watch, given it is a pretty bland premise. That would be a mistake. A short film by Daniels – Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan – ‘Interesting Ball’ almost defies explanation, suffice to say, everything in an infinite universe is possible! Encompassing five simultaneously unfolding stories, it touches real themes; love, loss, friendship, anger, shame, and presents them in a unique and unusual way. Visually arresting, every frame packed with recognisable details, whilst a Dali-esque story unfolds in them; a prank going wrong; a wrong number followed by a chase; adultery; mismatched couple on a first date and the ultimate bromance. Five stories told in a way I guarantee that, outside of drug fuelled, sleep deprived night, you have not seen the like of. Light but haunting music accompanies the film, piano keys dominating the opening forty seconds, right up to the title. From then on the music waits in the background, building through out the film as the many interwoven, yet unrelated, stories take place. Daniels have made a highly watchable and entertaining film, abstract enough to be interesting, linear enough to be understood. Definitely worth twelve minutes of your day.
Watch it –

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