Sometimes, many times actually, reviewers get carried away and lavish praise on films that, frankly speaking, are the equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes.
You know the sort of thing; not a bad film by any means, in fact, they tend to be good films. They’re just not as fantastic or brilliant as the reviewers would have you believe.    Today I went and watched a film that has received much praise and kudos for its scope and execution.

Of course, there have been the dissenting voices, those who will damn with faint praise and remain completely unmoved by the cinematic spectacle. These are the same reviewers who no doubt raved over the brilliance of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ (do not get me started!) Back on topic – Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

So, just in case you are bored of reading, let me say right away that this film is epic. Admittedly I am a fan of Nolan’s works – The Prestige, The Dark Knight trilogy,  Inception – so my expectations were pretty high anyway. Though, as I freely admit, I am a fan, I did not think the final Batman film was as enjoyable as the previous installments. It was good, but not fantastic.

With the high praise and hyperbole surrounding his latest endeavour, it was always going to be a real task to match it. In my humble opinion, he absolutely does and then some. Though it does not compare to the cinematic scope and visual brilliance of Gravity, storywise, it delivers both intellectually and emotionally.

Utilizing one of Nolans’ – the brothers – favorite themes – time – the film, whilst not as mind-bending as Inception, still offers up some bold and thoughtful story strands. The overwhelming arc of connection whilst simplistic and, if I’m being picky, an easy plot device, works well and pulls the film through just when it looks as if they have been too clever. Interstellar is a great, grand and brilliant film. Go and see it.

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