two plus two is…

Another short film review this week – Two plus Two (2+2=5) – is a film by a Turkish filmmaker, Babak Anvari.

Set in a classroom, it shows how dictatorship is created and enforced, crushing dissent and rejecting all argument. A powerful and captivating film, Two plus Two was originally shot in colour, with no musical soundtrack accompanying it.

Though still powerful and effective, the addition of music and the starkness of converting it to black and white helps to enhance an already extremely incredible story. Using children also really works, giving the situation a sense of hopelessness, as those that are most vulnerable are dominated.

Powerlessness that can be understood by the masses, conforming even when they know something is wrong. The addition of music is inspired, playing softly throughout until a critical moment of choice happens and the music is cut, waiting for the outcome.

You can compare the colour version and draw your own conclusion. I will just end this post with the interesting conundrum – what’s more important – life or freedom?

Update – the black and white version is no longer available.

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