The dream continues.

My next film is planned for Jan/Feb 2015. It had been slated for the end of November 2014, but an impending knee operation put paid to that. With a free fortnight to fill whilst I got over the op, I took the time to put together a funding project. Up until now I had financed all of my projects with my own hard earned cash, which is to be expected. Now I’ve got to a stage – fourth film, not exactly a massive body of work, but enough when all who have helped, have worked for the love of the craft and meals! Goodwill will only get you so far – so this time around, not only do I want to improve the quality and scope of the project, I would also like to thank my wonderful crew with cash money. I’ve decided to use a crowd funding platform – Indiegogo – to try and raise finance. I’ve fashioned a promo film and created some perks to encourage people to get on-board. Obviously running it over the Xmas period is not exactly a genius manoeuvre, but heh-ho, sometimes needs must! I will put the link up as soon as it goes live. Crossing my fingers….and toes!

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