Holiday period insomnia.

Like most people, I enjoy the holidays. Not necessarily for the festivities, though they are nice, or even the presents – I am truly invested in the western aspects of a consumer society, i really don’t need anymore stuff! What I like is the time off. Even though I have a fair bit of free time, because of the nature of my work, I tend to work, even if just for a little bit, everyday. So most days i am up at six. On late days I am up at eight, even on Sundays. Not that I’m complaining (maybe just a bit, winter mornings suck!) If I should get into the field of work I really want to embrace – film – I suspect i would be working a lot harder than I do now.

So the holidays give me time to unwind and chill out and, with the better half galavanting around Scotland, do very little. And stay up too late. My body clock is completely out of sync now. The late nights, sleeping in and overload of sugar foods – I didn’t mention that my day job is fitness – has taken a toll and I am here at quarter to one in the morning writing even though i am up in a little over six hours!

I thought I may as well get up and write, as I was only laying in the dark thinking about a documentary I plan to make next year – sneaky segway into film talk and a bit of blatant self promoting! haha! –  I plan to make a documentary about the black influence, or lack of it, on British society. Most of my black history knowledge is US based; MLK, Malcolm X, civil rights movement, but black people have been in the United Kingdom for centuries, yet we do not seem to have made anything like the same progress our US counterparts have. Granted we are not running in fear of being strangled or shot – actually, we could still get strangled! – but I think that is more to do with our adoption of a no arms policy, rather than being a progressive society. This documentary is definitely something I want to get done.

Of course, with the end of year in sight, one turns to reverie. What did I get done this year? Truthfully not as much  as I would have liked. I had wanted to make at least two more films this years. Got one done. The second one was ready to go but got interrupted by my needing a knee operation. Hmm. Having to reschedule, i took the time to put together a crowdfunding page here. That has been….different.

Also, with the knee and sugar rush indiscipline – put sugar in it and I will eat it! – my fitness goals have taken a bit of a hammering as well. Phooey. Aw well, can only affect the future, though I am loath to make resolutions! I mean isn’t that something you should be doing all the time?

Enough of my random meanderings. I shall return to my bed and stare into the dark. Come up with some of my best plot lines that way.

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