Before I Die: 101 things to do – part two

Continuing my list of things to….it’s in the title.

8.) Ride in a hot air balloon
It is a toss up between a hot air balloon or a helicopter. I went with the balloon because it would be vastly different experience  from a plane. I would still go in a helicopter though.

9.) Write and complete a book.
Like most people,  I have read a book and thought ‘I could do that!’ Anyone can say that – welcome to the internet, platform of the keyboard bragger  – but doing is proof..

10.) Make ideal weight
It would seem that I have gained a little holiday weight over the past few years! This one comes with a timescale: my next birthday.

11.) Smile more
Life is short. The things that we are generally miserable about, or irritated by, tend to pass and,  if you’re anything like me, can linger in the mind, creating a negative funk. Also, why not? It’s more fun than frowning. It will improve the quality of your life.

12.) Change my diet
This one also feeds into quality of life. I know that eating well feels great, but the ease and urge of eating fast, sugar laden, E number filled foods is strong. Unfortunately,  I never feel great afterwards. It’s a long time coming but; lesson learned.

13.) Become a costumed vigilante
Just checking if you’re bored yet. I wouldn’t wear a costume! Pure Charles Bronson Death Wish style! Hehe…

14.) Make a television serial.
As mentioned earlier,  I am a Joss Whedon fan. Buffy the vampire slayer is the main reason I am a big fan of television, especially the long form series format. If I was to come even close to that level of epicness I would die a happy man.

Okay, just eighty-seven more to go…!

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