Fuck. Fucked. Fuckery.

There are few words in the English language that have the usability or flexibility of the word ‘fuck’ and its derivatives. It is at once an offensive word and a word of everyday lexicon. One can be ‘fucked’, figuratively and literally; can ‘fuck’; be a ‘fucker’; ‘fuck up’ and get ‘fucked’. It can, and does, replace perfectly good words and phrases for the sake of brevity or emphasis: “Please go away” becomes, “fuck off”. “I’m feeling absolutely knackered” becomes, “I’m fucked”. As does “I’m so drunk”. “I’m talking so much drivel” is, “chatting fuckeries”. Exclamations of literally any kind, that do not need to convey any information to another party, can be covered by the blanket term, “fuck!”. Then there is the use of emphasis, adding an ‘ing’; “what a fucking idiot!” “I didn’t want to fucking do that!” “What are you fucking doing?”

People of all social classes use it, some peppering their speech liberally with it. It use to be said, that those who swear all the time were only displaying their ignorance and lack of vocabulary. That is perhaps true. It is also more likely down to laziness and the proliferation of texting as a means of communication. After all, not to many of us are required to write letters anymore.

A text lacks floridity. As do most emails – the ones I receive anyway! The art of writing and speaking is alive and well, but brevity, short attention spans being the order of the day, is paramount.

Admittedly the word ‘fuck’ and its many variations, have not found there way into everyday print. Blogs, newspapers, emails and print advertisements have, thankfully, remained profanity free. And there are still many situations where the ubiquitous ‘fuck’ and its friends are still frowned upon. You would not go into a shop or bar and ask for a ‘fucking’ drink or to try that ‘fucking’ dress on. The urge to go into the bank and ask for your ‘fucking’ money, though strong, is also resisted. So even though you can barely go through a day without hearing the word, perhaps, if you are a user that is, it would be fun to try and replace it with another word and see how you get on. You could make the word up or go with something completely random, old English – balderdash!  – kiddy friendly – fiddle sticks! – weird and random – ah balloons! To tell the truth, with the right tonality, you could just make a guttural sound and convey some necessary disappointment. That all said you could just say ‘fuck it’.

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