Never Work Again.

It is said that if you can find, do and get paid for what you love, you will never work again, the intimation being that you enjoy it so much it does not feel like work. Hmm. Envy is such an ugly emotion. Unfortunately, as magnanimous or blasé as one wants to be, there very little as an adult, competing with unknown peers, in this media rich, know-what-people-like-you are doing landscape, that is as envy inducing as encountering those people who have found their ‘passion’ in life. Especially if they have REALLY found it.

How is it that some people know what they want to do, in life, from the time they are nine or ten years old, yet many of us, decades into our working and, supposedly, experienced lives, still blunder about, hoping for a lottery win or an unusual turn of events? At various points in my life I have had notions of being; a graphic designer, a fashion designer, a clothing shop manager, a dancer, a singer( I was very young), a fighter(haha), fitness superstar – I do fitness but….- and an author. None pursued with any great gusto for various reasons, mostly because, for the most part, they seemed like a great idea at the time, then on reflection and investigation, not so much. Except for the writing.

I have always enjoyed writing, even when it has not  been very good or particularly interesting to anyone outside of myself. I’ve always enjoyed writing to be seen as well. It would be a lie to say I do not care if anyone reads this. If that was the case, it would be a diary! I write for, I hope, wider consumption. It is why I like film and television. It is why stories and documentaries bounce around in my head and I have the urge to put it down on paper and make a film or blog or story.

I understand, like anyone who writes a lot, that it is a hit and miss vocation. Very few have the talent or wit to write words that  every iteration is a gem or worth reading. We still do it; still make the films, write the stories, blogs, books. It is a passion. Admittedly it has not made me a brass farthing, so the notion of ‘never working again’ remains a distant one. Still I will keep writing, making films and planning, whilst spewing out the contents of my consciousness on the blogosphere, until hopefully I never work again.

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