A Life Less Stupid.

It is ever the prerogative of man, to find reasons to dislike their fellow man.
Whether it be because of colour, nationality, size or beliefs, man will find a way to distinguish and separate.
As children, before learning or influence, we accept, unless given a reason, our fellow man, regardless of appearance. Later the prejudices come. The separations.
Whether it is directly or indirectly, it starts in the home, with the prejudices harboured by family.
It could be class, race, size, beliefs, whatever it is that your immediate influencers say believe or vocalise, without opposing views, the likelihood is you will succumb to their viewpoint. And the prejudices are imprinted.
Then you go to school, meet other people, exercise your newfound pre judgements to decide who’s going to be a friend and who is not. Those friends then become more of an influence. What music they like, who they find attractive, what sports they’re into, all the things that bond people. And separate them.
The distasteful divisions are known; racial, sexual, class. These are frowned upon as reasons for disliking or not associating with certain people.
Other prejudices, though known of, are not generally spoken of.
The caste classing system in parts of Asia is well known; the deference to lighter skin and breeding. What is not so well known is the same prejudice exist in the Afro-Caribbean community. Overly dark skin is – darker than say a good quality milk chocolate – not considered attractive. Size is another one. An even stranger one is geography.  Rejecting someone on the basis of where they are from is just plain ridiculous. It happens. As does being ostracised due to education. Not necessarily a lack of it, more for having received it in the wrong environment. What you do can be judged and deemed unworthy. 
Looks, always the first point of call, are the easiest. When the looks are acceptable, other things are taken into consideration.
Music; rock or pop? Pop? What kind of pop? Britney or Pink? Britney?! Bye. Fashion; conservative or flamboyant? Hip or street? What news do you follow? Do you like animals? Cat or dog person? So many ways to connect. Or disregard. Everybody thinks their way is right. Everybody thinks that they should be the one to follow, be like, aspire to.
As we get older, instead of getting wiser we become more intolerant. How is it that as toddlers we had the right approach to life, but as adults we coach our young to be fearful, judgemental and narrow minded? Is it not time to stop teaching ourselves stupid?

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