The Myth Of Equality

Life is not fair. Just want to reiterate that right off the bat. Even the most myopic, optimistic, news avoiding individual, cannot fail to notice that life, for a lot of people,  sucks.
  If you are a bleeding heart, liberal, rose tinted, glass-is-half-full, everything-is-awesome, kind of person, I suggest you stop reading now. This blog post is not for you. Go read one of the gazillion positive quoting, you-are-what-you-think, ‘there’s a reason for everything’ blogs out there and good luck. This post is for the realist and those who cannot quite understand why none of the aforementioned ever sat right with them.
  There is only one absolute: you are going to die. It is unavoidable and non negotiable. I do not care how religious, pious, good, bad, healthy, unhealthy, black, white, yellow, straight or gay or abstaining you might be; you are going to die.
  You may get lucky and die in your sleep or while you sleep – they are different. There is quite a morbid and medium possibility, that you will succumb to some disease. There are accidents, incidents, random happenings and deliberate acts, all of which can result with one’s departure from this mortal coil. Life is not fair. So why do people think it should be equal?
  Equality is a nonsense. Ever since one man discovered he could dominate another by bashing him with a rock, equality has been a lost cause.
  The haves are never – never – going to relinquish power to the have nots. Why would they?  Human beings are, by their nature, avaricious, wanting to claim whatever they can get their hands on. They also, when in power, like to choose. That’s what power affords them.
  Before media and advertising, the fittest and most virile would get together, thus giving the species, or familial line, the best chance of survival. The weaker people died off.   As media began to shape the public view, those considered attractive would get the pick of partners. Riches, whether they be property and finance or, in times past, physical riches, also got the pick of the crop. Nature’s fairness. 
  With the advent of democracy,  the under represented increasingly found a voice. Women since the sixties, have campaigned for equal pay, equal respect, equal opportunities. As have many, non white, minorities. The working classes have long campaigned for equal footing in governance. The have nots want housing they can afford to purchase, as opposed to renting off – thus increasing the wealth of – the haves. These are all legitimate and worthy causes. Some might even say they are reasonable.  Why shouldn’t there be more equality? Let me explain.
  As much as it would be wonderful for all things to be equal, they are not. Men are generally stronger than women, women tend to live longer than men. Sprinters tend to be black; classical musicians tend to be white. Third world countries are all in the non white parts of the world. These are just a few general inequalities.  There is more. Bill Gates is richer than you. He’s probably smarter too. As is Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and The Queen. Three of them worked hard to accumulate their wealth, the other was born to it. Not equal, not fair.
  There are countless couples, pairings, around the world who, for whatever reason, are unable to have children or a child. Yet we can regularly read about people who have more children than they know what to do with, living off of the state or worse abusing their offspring.
  Some people are smart, a lot are dumb. Some are charismatic,  most are not. Traits amongst the populace are not apportioned equally. The world is amazing, a truly mind boggling place. So many terrains, creatures, climates, quite astounding. What it is not, is equal.

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