Logan – The film X-fans were waiting for.

As a big X-men fan – collected the comics throughout the golden Chris Claremont era – and a would-be screenwriter and filmmaker, I have watched all the Fox iterations of X-men films and their connected films. Even though Bryan Singer strayed somewhat – okay, massively – from the source material, as films his first two were good. He even returned to save the franchise after the God awful Last Stand.

So when he made Days Of Future Past, making Wolverine the central character it was, though not right, a good film, but not right. He then followed up with Apocalypse and made Raven a hero. A hero! It is an enjoyable film and I did enjoy it, but it is plain wrong.

Hugh Jackman has become world famous playing the most popular character of Wolverine. The fact that he, at six-two, is a full eight inches taller than the character Wolverine he was portraying, mattered little after his scene-stealing performance in the first X-men film. Jackman was Wolverine.

Jackman, more than any of the other actors, had embraced the spirit of his character.

So popular was his portrayal, it was inevitable that he would get a solo spin-off project. He did. Twice.

The first, an origin story, was poor but, for myself, enjoyable enough. The second was just awful, so bad. When it was announced that Hugh Jackman was doing only one more Wolverine film, it was strange, though not unexpected. All the other X-men, previously played by other actors have been replaced, so it seemed inevitable that he would be replaced by a younger actor, even though the character in the comic is never young.

Extraordinarily, The Wolverine was directed by James Mangold, a filmmaker with an impressive track record in film, having directed Copland, Walk The Line and Girl, Interrupted among others.

The fact that he returned to make Logan is mind blowing. Truth is, had I realised it was the same director of the risible The Wolverine, I would have been reluctant to watch Logan. Thank the lord I did not! Logan is a fantastic film. In look, feel and execution, it just gets everything right. The rating of R for a Wolverine film is perfect. The claws are in full effect in this film and how! This film is every X-men/Wolverine fans wet dream of a film.

I absolutely loved this film and will probably go and see it again. If this is Jackman’s final bow as the Wolverine, not only do I pity the actor who has to follow in his footsteps, but what a way to bow out. Go see Logan.

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