I’m A Writer

It is getting to a point where my plan, frighteningly, is actually beginning to work. There is still some way to go and I have not quite gotten to the point of no return – I know myself, like exercise or a diet, there is always a chance it could abruptly…pause – but I am committed to the path, at least for now.
What are the path and plan, you say? Like any good plan, it is simple, if not easy. The plan was to write a blog every other day. As I have two blogs – this one and makeqfit.wordpress.com, about fitness of body and mind (also working on self-promotion!) – this quickly became a blog a day, one for here one day, the next day, for there. The reasoning behind my blog a day philosophy was to get into a routine of writing regularly. Though ultimately I want to write fiction – scripts, books – waiting for the ‘moment’ or muse to hit me was only resulting in many a stalled project.
That is not to say I have not completed anything, more that my creative output, writing wise at least, had been sporadic. As I have said before, the best writers write and write regularly. Also, there is the old adage, ‘practice makes perfect’. As with any artistic pursuit, perfection is a fluid concept. The very least you can hope to achieve, with regular practice, is high competency.
So I am writing. Regularly. Still not writing any scripted stuff or pushing forward with the long-stalled book, but definitely writing consistently. The point that I am wanting to get to, obviously, is working on creative projects consistently. That is the goal.
The wheels are beginning to turn slowly. The ideas are popping, percolating, scenes are forming in my head, dialogue is being spoken by new characters. The next step is to start writing again. Not just blogging. Blogging is easy; comfortable. Yes, it still needs to be coherent and – hopefully – well thought out, but it is still relatively painless when compared to a script, short story or book.
Truth is, writing a script or book is not hard. Writing a good script or book is hard, knowing whether it is good or not is even harder. Scripts especially can be hard because there is so much to compare to and inadvertently plagiarise. Yes, there are millions of books and the material in those can be easily copied, but it is not the same as television or film.
The major difference between books and visual media is that, in these modern times, you can produce a book yourself. You cannot do a massive poster campaign on the tube or place television ads, but you have as much scope as anybody else to promote through social media and word of mouth if your writing is good. With film and television not only is it nigh on impossible to create content with the same level of quality that you enjoy in cinema or even network television, there is no way to really broadcast it.
Even if you did raise a few hundred thousand pounds and made a feature film, the cost of promoting it would make it impossible to recoup the cost. The pragmatist in me says I should focus on the book, but the ego, the heart, wants to write scripts. What to do, what to do.
I prefer scriptwriting because I like dialogue and it is quite comfortable for me to write. That is not to say it is easy for me to write a story, but the dialogue I’m good with. Of course, this is only my opinion. The great and the good of the film and television industry, the movers and shakers, those whose opinions truly matter when it comes to a would-be writer being the next big thing, or even an adequate thing, have no idea who I am.
So the plan is to keep writing. Then to start sending the work out and to keep writing and sending more work out. Then to write some more and send some more. Make another short film. Keep writing, keep sending. Make another film. Edit. Keep writing. Above all else, whether my work is picked up or not, even if the powers that be tell me to stop sending them stuff, I’ll keep writing, because, however belatedly, I realise I’m a writer.

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