Game Over, Man! – review (Netflix)

     Alexxx (Adam Devine), Darren (Anders Holm) and Joel (Blake Anderson) work in The Level hotel as a housekeeping team. They dream of being wealthy and have an idea for a video game. Alexxx keeps coming up with ridiculous ideas, Joel is a closest homosexual and Darren is a drug addict who gets his fixes from Alexxx. Alexxx, unbeknown to his two friends, lives in the hotel. 

   When Alexxx hears that social influencer billionaire, Bae Awadi (Utkarsh Ambudkar) is coming to the hotel, he says they should pitch their idea to him. The manager of the hotel, Mitch (Darren Stern) tells them that they are working. 

    Bae’s personal assistant, Mr Ahmad (Jamie Demetriou) tells Mitch that they are bringing their own security detail. The security team arrives. They are there to lock down the hotel and steal a half-billion dollars from Bae. 

    They have a computer expert, Donald (Sam Richardson) who is told to link up to the off-shore accounts by Conrad (Neal McDonough), right after Erma (Rhona Mitra), a slightly psychotic assassin, kills the elderly security guard. 

   Alexxx, Darren and Joel pitch their idea to Bae. He likes it and offers them a cheque to fund their project. Mitch takes the cheque off of them and gives it back to Mr Ahmad. He bawls out Cassie (Aya Cash), the staff manager, for not controlling them. Erma clothes lines Joel. Mitch fires all three of them.

    Mitch inappropriately approaches Erma. She castrates him. Alexxx, Darren and Joel are returning to try and get the cheque and see Mitch prostrate after Erma’s intervention. Conrad sees them and tells his crew to lock down the hotel. They take all the staff and guest hostage. 

    The housekeepers are still free having escaped when seeing Conrad coming at them. They are being searched for by a couple of the crew, Rich (Steve Howey) and Jared (Marc Brandt). They end up killing Jared but think they have killed both. Darren comes up with a plan. Conrad has all the hostages up on the roof terrace. Conrad kills one of the hostages to show Bae that he is serious. He wants to get account numbers from Bae.

    The housekeepers, meanwhile, are executing their plan for escape. Rich, who they thought was dead, regains consciousness. He sees that they killed Jared, who was his partner and his lover. He wants to kill them. They end up going out of the window, suspended between two buildings. They end up back in the hotel and accidentally stop the bank transfer, killing Donald in the process. 

    Joel, who is a computer expert, is looking at the security feeds and finds a phone. They call Mr Ahmad, who is the only person who has a phone in the room. Bae wants to know why Ahmad’s phone has not been taken. Ahmad comes clean. He is the brains behind the hostage crisis. He kills Conrad. 

     Ahmad demands a half-billion ransom on national television and kills Donald Faison to prove he is serious. He also forces Shaggy to sing ‘It wasn’t me.’ They take the hostages inside to the ballroom. 

    Darren comes up with a plan to knock out Ahmad’s crew by flooding the ballroom with drug fumes. Ahmad is torturing Bae in an effort to get the account numbers from him. Ahmad gets two of the hostages, Sugar Lyn Beard and Joel McHale, to fight to the death on television. As McHale refuses to fight, Beard smashes a stiletto into his temple and kills him. 

     Erma has decided she will kill the housekeepers. She takes two men and goes looking for them. Alexxx is angry at the other two for secretly leaving him out of a project they have been working on. Erma almost catches up with them, but gets caught in a cloud of drugs and becomes delirious. The housekeepers get caught by Rich. He takes them to the spa to torture them for killing Jared. 

    They end up killing Rich and escape. They build a computer suit to reanimate Rich’s corpse. They use it to storm the ballroom. They then come in and kill the rest of the henchmen. Joel fights with Erma and ends up killing her. 

   Ahmad, who has a helicopter waiting on the roof, takes Bae hostage and runs to the roof. The housekeepers persuade Ahmad to swap Bae for the money. They then blow up the helicopter. Mark Cuban buys their story and they become rich. The end. 

    Game Over, Man! – another shitty name for a film – is a pretty weak effort. With a script by one of its stars, Anders Holm, and story input from all of them as well as the director, Kyle Newacheck,  the film is a real boy’s own mishmash of toilet jokes, idiotic humour and violence. 

     There are far too many jokes that do not really work in this film, even the premise of a three-man housekeeping team is stupid. That the same team should find themselves in a ‘Die Hard’ situation, something the four men were obviously aiming for, is also wholly implausible.

Of course, a plausible premise is not a necessity if the film is funny. Unfortunately, though Game Over, Man! Has its moments – Shaggy being the highlight – it is more mildly – very mildly – amusing, rather than funny. 

       Game Over, Man! Is not an unwatchable film. At nearly one hundred minutes long, its stupidity potters along at a brisk enough pace. If you have nothing else to do and like any of the stars, you might even enjoy it. Truthfully though, it is not a very good film, it is quite juvenile and it is hard to say who it is aimed at. Game Over, Man! Promises a sequel. I hope not. It’s over. 


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