I write. A lot. My most up-to-date musings on film are on Vocal.media as well as a few other ramblings. On WordPress – the OG of my blog life – I have four blogs – FOUR!

The first blog – Makeqfit – is around all things fitness-related, fitness being my day job and another passion of mine. The second blog is – quips, quibbles and quotas – a place for my random thoughts and poetry, which has to rhyme!

The third blog  – Whispering In A Hurricane – is my occasionally sombre look at things in the world that get me thinking and wondering; race, sexes, society.

My fourth blog – Filmsbyq4u  – you are already on, so, unless you are here by accident, you already know it is a film blog.  Filmmaker is the dream, having made a few short films before – my last effort is here – in the meantime I check out the efforts of others on Netflix mostly, interspersed with big cinema releases.

Thank you for stopping by:)