Before I Die: 101 thing to do – part four

Back to the list…

22.) Drive a supercar
I am not really a petrol head. A motor vehicle is for the purposes of transportation. I do, however, love a fast car! Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, doesn’t matter as long as it is stupidly fast. Zoom.

23.) Attend a major sporting event
Six nations, Olympics, World Cup, even the World Series and I don’t even understand baseball! I just love a big event atmosphere. The London Olympics were magnificent. It is both inclusive and tribal. Everyone should experience it.

24.) Go in a spaceship
So space travel is not really a thing yet. It will be. When it is – and I expect it to happen in my lifetime – I want on that ride. Imagine actually seeing the planet from space! The planet! Would be so awesome.

25.) Float on an updraft
Like sky diving with out the need to jump out of a plane. Also, it is only a few feet off the ground. Genius.

26.) See a north London derby
Of all games in football – soccer, not the random American game played using one’s hands – the derby is the game that most fans look forward to. There is no game that carries more passion or intensity, than that of a contest against your local rivals. Being an Arsenal fan, the thought of my team putting Tottenham to the sword….! That I want to see.

27.) Join a soup run
Not everyone in the city is living the high life. Some, whether it be life circumstances or their own poor choices, live a hard life in the city. I have had many a Xmas when I’ve thought – usually after stuffing too much! – I should do a soup kitchen. So it’s on the list.

28.) Pay off my mother’s mortgage.
Doesn’t everybody want to do that?

That’s seven more. Hmm, even I’m curious about the next seven!

Before I Die: 101 things to do – part three

And the list continues….

15.) Be in the majority
Having been born and raised in the UK and never having lived or visited, in adulthood, either Africa or the Caribbean, my view of the world; media, populace, histories, is that it is all white. As a black person I am curious to see it from a different, less minority heavy, perspective.

16.) Surprise myself
A strange one I know. It is more about pushing my limits and challenging myself. Something we all should do.

17.) Become an expert in something I generally learn enough to get by in a given situation, like most people. It is impossible to be an expert in everything. There are a few things that, personally, I feel I need to have more than passing knowledge of, mostly things filmmaking related, these are what I will focus on.

18.) Have more than one million pounds in bank account.
I realise life is not about money, nor does it denote happiness or necessarily success. But it can help.

19.) Sell a script
This is a goal that is a ‘looking for validation’ thing. Having not done any of the conventional courses or followed the  routes that people take for filmmaking, I sometimes can feel a fraud in the film world. This would go some way to countering that.

20.) Be spontaneous
This goes with the surprising myself and making a million. What money can afford you is freedom. Freedom allows spontaneity. Simple.

21.) Complain less
This is a western problem,  a problem for people who have too much and do not realise it or appreciate it. If you’re not in a third world country, terminally ill or chronically challenged, you probably could complain less. That does not mean accepting meekly, it means finding solutions.

That’s all for now. More to come.