Not Enough

I just visited a friend’s soon to be, gym site. It was a bit of a building site; all half finished floors and wires hanging everywhere. They want me to – maybe – do a few classes. I appreciate that they thought of me. After all, all the people involved are ex sportsman,  one an ex Olympian, so persuading people to work at their gym is not a chore for them.
  They are also successful business people. And it shows. Whilst I hung out with these guys for a few hours, I saw how hard and constantly they are working. Even as they are opening a gym, they were planning an event for the summer and looking at future expansion. My Olympian friend had to go and do more meetings elsewhere – he will still attend training the next day, fulfilling some charity commitments – leaving me chatting to another friend who was, whilst selling the vision to me, organising the gym floor!
  I really don’t do enough.